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Smart Dogs Services

At Smart Dogs we offer an air conditioned environment, friendly staff and cater for all types of dogs ranging from toy to giant breeds.  We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and will carry out grooms to either a breed standard or your own personal taste.

Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming 


Full Groom

This involves a bath (with a minimum of 2 washes), drying, nails, ears, groom/cut.

Dematting Policy

We believe in humanity before vanity. Therefore if your dog comes to us matted, please be aware your dog will be clipped short and will look very different. If you would like your dogs' coat to be long, then please brush and comb your pet daily. This will enable us to achieve the required cut for you, and we advise regular appointments to maintain this style.

There is an additional charge for knotty/matted dogs.

Other Services:


Ear hair removal & cleaning


Sleeping Dogs
Puppy Introduction

(from 2 weeks after 2nd vaccination)

This involves a bath, nails & introduction to our environment.  

Grooming on your puppy should start around 10 weeks of age (after second vaccination).  This is to allow your puppy to become acquainted with the routine of a groom, for example the sound of the dryer, and of course having a bath. Your groomer can also teach you the proper way to brush and handle your puppy. These techniques started early will hopefully make your puppy think that having a groom is part of their routine. The first 6 months of life for a dog is like the first 5 years for a human. So starting them early will enable you and your groomer to make grooming for your dog, a more pleasant experience for everyone including your puppy. 

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